My Top 4 Picks for Cupcakes!

I LOVE cupcakes!  Large cupcakes or small/mini cupcakes, I rarely turn one down!

My top 4 picks for cupcakes

The cupcakes I picked for this post are my top 4 picks that I made for my niece’s Graduation Party.  Everyone enjoyed them and I’ll go in the order of what went first at the party.  But all of these cupcakes are fantastic and you should really try them!

I know there are many other different kinds of cupcakes out there, and ALL of them make the grade in my book,  But these cupcakes are what stuck out to me for my niece’s Graduation Party!

Kahlua Cake from Girl Inspired


If you like chocolate, then this is the cupcake for you!  Stef added chocolate chips and Kahula to this batter, what can be better with this Chocolate sensation!  This is a Kahula cake recipe by the Girl Inspired, but I made the batter and put it into a regular cupcake pan.  I also had enough batter left over to make mini cupcakes too!  With this cake being very moist, it just melts in your mouth!  It was definitely yummy and now you know why it was the first to go!  I topped some cupcakes with a container of Caramel Icing and topped some with powdered sugar.  It didn’t matter which way they were topped, they both went fast!

Oreo Cupcakes from Beantown Baker


These Oreo Cupcakes were very unique with part of the oreo at the bottom of the cupcake!  They were delicious!  I have to admit, because I was short on time, I didn’t make the cupcakes as per the recipe.  Instead, I bought a box white cake mix, then followed the rest of the recipe.  Because these cupcakes were going to be in a picnic area, I also was afraid to keep them on display with the cream cheese frosting, so I, (again, short on time), bought a container of Fluffy White Icing and used that for the icing.  I also added the oreo on top as per the recipe.  Even though this was the second cupcake flavor to go, it was a close second!

White Wedding Cupcakes from Recipe Girl


These cupcakes were fantastic!  My all time favorite cupcake is a white on white cupcake, hands down, and Lori gives you great tips to perfect it your way.  She also did a buttercream frosting, but I used a container of Fluffy White.  I decorated some with the white candy balls, like in the picture, and some I decorated with white chocolate curls.  Both were very good!

Red Velvet Cupcakes from Betty Crocker


Last, but certainly not least were the Red Velvet cupcakes.  Red Velvet is my son’s favorite cake, so it was a no brainer adding these to the cupcake buffet too.  The recipe calls for topping these cupcakes with Marshmallow Buttercream Frosting, and I was torn because usually red velvet gets a cream cheese frosting put on it.  I decided on the Buttercream Frosting instead, again, because this party was at a picnic site.  I also cheated and made it with the canister Buttercream Frosting, they were still great!

I know they’re still more cupcakes out there and I can’t wait to try them!  Let me know if you’d done a cupcake buffet for a party before and what flavors you chose!  Or, just let me know what your favorite kind of cupcake is!  I look forward to hearing from you!

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