A Thank You Gift

Everybody likes to be appreciated or said thank you to!  I remember when I was in grade school, my Mom would go out early in the morning to our huge Crabapple tree in the front yard, and clip some flowers off it.

She would bring them in and put them in bunches for me and my siblings to take to school for our teachers.  Before she gave us the flowers, she would wrap the stems in a wet paper towel, then wrap it in aluminum foil and off we’d go out the door to school.  Fast forward to when I have children and I’ve done the same thing.

Sadly I wasn’t able to do it every year because I don’t have a Crabapple tree, but I have done it a few times with what bloomed that Spring in our yard.  Thinking back, that was a very nice gesture my Mom did for our Teachers.  To let them know she appreciated them and I know it made their day!  Appreciating someone or saying thank you doesn’t always have to cost money, what my Mom did was Free!!  She took time to put the flowers together from our tree with some thoughtfulness behind it.

Speaking of that, my daughter is on the Cheerleading Squad at school.  Yes, we take the girls to practice, but the Coaches are the one’s that volunteer their time (away from their family or work), for their squad.  No matter what, they volunteer their expertise without expecting a thank you or anything in return for themselves.  Being a Volunteer is a selfless job!

For our Squad, we have four Coaches.  As a way of letting them know we appreciate what they do, we asked each Mom that had a cheerleader on the squad for money to get them a gift.  After getting each Coach a gift, we had some money left over and decided to get them flowers.  I wanted to grab the flowers because I like wrapping stuff up!  I went out and bought Carnations, because (1), they are my favorite flower; (2), I believe they last longer than Roses; and (3), I love the smell of them!  Did I happen to mention they are my favorite flower??!  Haha

I decided I wanted to wrap each bouquet up individually with their name on the front.  This is very easy to do and inexpensive too!  Especially if you already have the supplies or even if you purchased them from a One dollar store.

A Thank You Gift

Click  here to learn how to put your bouquet of flowers together!

Flowers are a universal gift, and you really don’t need a reason to give them to somebody!  Knowing you put some time and thought into something just for them, will make their day!

I hope someone makes your day!  Or better yet, make someone else’s day!!


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