Sports Fan Basket

I’ve found that the majority of people love a different sport or two or three.  Whether it’s Football, Hockey, Baseball, or Basketball, I can go on and on with different sports, but you get the idea.

Sports Fan Basket

With that in mind, my Mom decided to get items for a Sports themed basket, and she asked me if I would wrap it up for her.  Of course I would!!  The sport of her choice was football, and to get more specific, she chose the Steelers team!  Yay!  For each sport you choose, there are a whole plethora of different things out there to pick from.  You can even visit the One Dollar Store near you and find some things for your particular sport.  Here’s what my Mom chose for her basket:

  1.  Stuffed Teddy Bear with I Love Steelers on it.
  2.   A “Little Steelers Fan” Bib
  3.   License Plate that says “Steelers Country”
  4.   A Black & Gold Lei
  5.   A Gold Football Shaped Necklace
  6.   Men’s Steeler Socks
  7.   Women’s Steeler Socks
  8.   Review Mirror Steeler Boxing Gloves to hang
  9.   Steeler Bumper Sticker
  10.   Steeler ID and change purse
  11.   Steeler Picnic Tablecloth
  12.   Women’s Steeler Flip Flops
  13.   Large Outdoor Steeler Flag

Again, you can make a basket according to your own budget.  You can Add more items, delete some items or get something all together different depending on the person your buying it for.  This basket had a lot in it, so I didn’t have to add any tissue paper fillers.  Although, you can get a larger basket and make this look bigger by adding your stuff and then add (in this case) some yellow, and some black tissue paper.  The reason I chose this basket was because I wanted one with a handle on it.  I needed a handle one so the Steeler Flag and the Steeler Picnic Tablecloth had something to stabilize them with, and this was the only size I had on hand.

To learn how to wrap up your basket, go to my instructions here!  It’s really easy to gather some items and put them all together in a basket to look like one big gift!  I hope you’ll give it a try!


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