Italian Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day!  Don’t get me wrong, I like lunch and dinner as well, but it seems that my family likes more of the breakfast choices than the others.

One day I was looking to make something quick, but yet have some protein for the kids and Hubby before they head off for the day.  I knew I was adding an egg for the protein, and then I got to thinking my family loves Italian Hoagies, so why not add the meat and cheese from that?!  You can tweak these sandwiches as to your families preferences, but here’s what I do for mine:

For this sandwich, I’ve chosen an Asiago Bagel, but if I ran out of that, I’ve also used Italian Bread, Oatmeal Bread and a gluten-free bagel before with great results.  It’s really whatever your family prefers for a sandwich, mine just happens to love the Asiago Bagel.  I toast the bagel so that it would be ready to put the sandwich together when it’s time.

I fry an egg in the skillet that has butter melted in it.  In this one, I did not break the yolk because my son likes his runny.  But, I do break the yolk, (I just poke the yolk with the cut side of the shell from the egg), for my hubby and daughter because they don’t like it to run.  This egg is for my son and he also likes hot sauce on it.  I like Cajun spices sprinkled on, but the rest of the family just likes your regular salt and pepper.

I flip the egg over and add my meat, as you can see in this picture, it’s baked ham and hard salami.

Italian Breakfast Sandwich

I flip the egg back over so the meat has a chance to get heated through and I add my cheese, I put a slice of colby jack (co-jack) on this egg.  Co-jack is what I had on hand, but I’ve also used American, Provolone, Brick and Muenster, which my family also likes.  It’s up to you whether you want to use a whole slice of cheese or not.  As you can see, I don’t because I don’t want it to over power the meat.

Italian Breakfast Sandwich

After the cheese starts to melt, I take the egg out of the skillet with my spatula and let it drain on a paper towel for about a minute.  Placing the egg on the paper towel is because I really don’t like the thought of grease hitting our stomachs in the morning!  Sometimes, if it’s necessary, I dab the top with another paper towel to get the grease off there too.  A little tip for ya:  leave the spatula under the egg half way so that it won’t be difficult to get the egg off the paper towel.  Speaking from experience, I had my cheese melt down to the paper towel and it stuck to it, which made it hard for me to get the sandwich off!

Italian Breakfast Sandwich

When my bagel comes out of the toaster, I don’t butter it because I found that we didn’t notice a difference, so why add the extra calories.  But, if you like your bagel buttered and you know you’ll notice a difference if it wasn’t, then go ahead and butter it!  This sandwich is so versatile, that’s what I love about it!  I can send my son off with a few sandwiches for him and his friends and each one would be different, but they’ll all enjoy their breakfast!

Give this Breakfast Sandwich a try, and let me know what you used for your sandwich!

Thank you and I hope you have a Great start to your day!!


Italian Breakfast Sandwich


  • 1/2 Tablespoon of butter
  • 1 egg
  • 1 Asiago Bagel (or bread of choice)
  • 1 slice of Ham (mine was chipped)
  • 2 slices of Salami
  • 1/2 slice of Co-jack (or cheese of choice)
  • Place your butter in the skillet to melt. As the butter is melting, toast your bagel. Crack your egg and add it to the skillet. If you don't want your egg to be runny, poke it with the cut side of the egg. Once your egg looks done to your liking, flip it over and add your meats. Depending on how runny, (or not at all), you want your egg*, flip it back over so the ham is on the bottom. Add your cheese. Take the egg off with your spatula and place it on a paper towel, BUT leave the spatula half way under the egg. Get your bagel out of the toaster. Slide your egg, meat, and cheese off of the spatula onto the bagel. You might have to push it along with your finger.
  • *my son likes his runny, so once I add my meat, I flip my egg back over right away. If you don't like it runny then leave it there for a minute or two depending on how solid you want your egg. Keep in mind that you had previously poked your egg, so it won't take that long to become solid.

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