Idea’s for Leftovers!

In my house, there’s no need to ask “What am I going to do with these leftovers?” because I have a son that eats a lot. . .I mean A LOT!

Idea's for Leftovers

But, for some people, they just don’t want to take the time to make a meal, especially if they think it’ll go to waste.

When I was younger and it was only my husband and I, I would take the leftovers and pack them in a 3 compartment container.  I would then take a piece of masking tape and put it on the lid, write on it what was inside, along with the date and froze it.  After I got a few different meals in the freezer, I would then take them to my Grandma for her to have for lunch or dinner.  She liked that she was able to take whatever meal she wanted out of the freezer and zap it in the microwave for dinner that day.  I enjoyed doing that for her and thankfully she enjoyed what I cooked!  Not only was she able to eat a good and healthy meal, but I was able to give that to her and not have to worry about wasting food!  It was a win-win for both of us!

If you don’t have anyone to give your leftover’s to, you can always freeze them for yourself, just don’t forget to put the date on it so you know when you froze it.  Another idea would be to eat it for dinner the next day or even on the second day, with the thought of making another meal in between your leftovers.  If you work, you can put some of your leftovers in a small container and take it for your lunch.  I’ll do that for my husband and son when they want something different other than another sandwich!  You’d be surprised how much money you save if you took your lunch to work and also if you’re fortunate enough to have a microwave at work!

My favorite way for leftovers, (besides making my son’s stomach full!), 😉 is to take them to someone who would enjoy and appreciate it.  Maybe someone who had a hard day at work and the last thing they’re thinking about is making something for themself to eat.  Or someone who is sick, but really should keep up their strength and eat something, perhaps a nice bowl of leftover soup would be good for them?

I hope this gave you a few idea’s for your leftovers so you can go ahead and make many of them to enjoy by you or someone you give them to! 😉

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