How to Wrap up a Gift Basket!

How to Wrap Up a Gift Basket

First, let’s start with the base.  Nine times out of ten, I use a basket for my base, but as you can see in my picture below, I’ve also used a tote.  For the baskets, my Mom has got me some really nice one’s from Garage and Estate Sales, which are the best buys!  But, if I’m out and I happen to come across a good basket, bag, or any container that I think would make a good “base”, (in the clearance section), I pick it up.  As far as the wrapping up part, my go-to wrap for my basket is white tulle.  There have been some instances that I’ve chosen a color tulle, or even plastic wrapping instead, which is also nice.  It just depends on what I think will be the best for the gift.  Tulle is inexpensive, and the price changes depending on the color you choose.

How to Wrap Up a Gift Basket

In the pictures above, these baskets were either for a prize or a gift that I have wrapped up for myself or for other people to give.   To make the tag, you can do anything from buying something in the store to making it yourself, but here’s what I did:

For this example, I’ll use the first picture that says, “Candle Winner Basket”.  It’s for the winner, but I also said what kind of basket it was because the winner got their choice of a few different themed baskets.  Because I wanted the basket Winner’s to be the same, I just made the tags.  Plus, I didn’t want to go out and look for something.  I don’t know about you, but that always ends up being longer than I expected!  I opened up my word document and typed in the center of the page who this is for.  I then printed it out on a 8.5 x 11-inch cardstock.

I took a sun shape stencil, centered my words in the middle of the stencil and traced around it.

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After I took the stencil away, I cut out the sun shape.  Then I punched a hole in it and attached it with a piece of curling ribbon to the top of the basket.  I like to wrap it all up by adding curling ribbon to make it look special for the winner or that special someone you’re giving the gift to.  I’ll be honest, sometimes it’s difficult to get all that tulle up and gathered at the top, while trying to tie it at the same time.  You can either have someone hold it, or my trick is to pull it all up and secure it with a rubber band.  That way you can pull it from the top where it needs to be pulled and the sides can be straightened and taut.  After that, I take a piece of curling ribbon, wrap it around the rubber band that was holding it together, and tie it in a knot.  If you want, you can take the rubber band off at this time, I usually just snip it with scissors so I don’t mess anything up.  But, be careful not to snip the curling ribbon too!  Really, you can’t see the rubber band because after the top puff is cut I add more curling ribbon around it, so leaving it there will be fine.

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Because the tulle won’t be a square shape, you’ll have some longer pieces than others once it’s gathered at the top.  What I do for that is, after it’s secured at the top with curling ribbon, (or your rubber band), I gather it all (from the secured part) in my hand and cut it straight across where I think it would be even.  The picture below is the back of my basket, and as you can see after I cut it, it spreads out like a puff on the top.  At this point you can gather it again and cut it again if you want it to look shorter.  For the curling ribbon that hangs down, I cut a piece long enough to drape down the gift basket.  I tie it around the top secured part and curl it with my scissors.  I also do the same for the front of the basket, take a step back and see if I need more.

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Tulle is very forgiving because you don’t have to be perfect with it.  It gives the gift a finished look just by securing everything in and you (or they) won’t lose anything from it when it’s traveling to its destination.  I believe people are grateful and happy they received a gift, they’re to busy looking at what’s inside the basket, not critiquing the outside!

I hope I made this easy for you to give this a try!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Have a Great day!!

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