Giving a Hostess a Gift!

When it comes to a Hostess gift, there are so many ideas that float in my head.  To narrow that down, I have to think of the Hostess and what they would like.

Giving a Hostess a Gift

I like to personalize it with either their favorite scented candles, or their favorite bottle of wine.  If they already have a lot of wine, you can get them a decorative corkscrew or bottle stopper.

 Maybe if they like to garden, you can do a nice plant or fresh flowers as a centerpiece.  If they have a favorite sports team you can get them something along those lines.  In my case, I decided to give the Hostess a Herb Box because she eats healthy fresh food and doesn’t mind trying out new recipes!  I found this cute wooden green box that I can fit 2 herb plants in.  The herbs that I picked for this gift are parsley and chives.  I also added a recipe for each herb that I think the Hostess would like to try.

This Herb Hostess gift is perfect for a Hostess, but I have also put more herbs into a basket base and given it as a gift too.  You can add to your Herb gift as much or as little you want based on your budget.  If you wanted, you could add packets of seeds for them to plant along with a small bag of soil.  I’m not going to wrap up this box with tulle because everything is secured inside the box.  If you decided to wrap up your herbs in a basket, go to my post on How to Wrap Up a Gift Basket!  When I gave the herb “basket”, I did wrap that up and the herbs smelled so nice waffling out from the tulle!  Also, in the How to Wrap Up a Gift Basket instructions you will see how I did my tag for the Hostess.

I hope you got some ideas from this post, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

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