A Monogram Wreath to Give!

I’m always looking for simple and easy ideas for people to give.  My daughter wanted to give her Aunt, (my sister), a gift for being her Confirmation Sponsor.  After looking on Pinterest for some ideas, I decided on making a Monogram Wreath for her.

Because Spring is already here, I wanted to make my sister a wreath that would last all summer.  What kind of flower lasts all summer?  My favorite is hydrangea’s, and I know my sister has some in her yard, so let’s start there.  After looking at many amazing wreaths on Pinterest, I came upon one that I wanted to add to from KrisKraft.  You can check out her Hydrangea Wreath and Instructions here.

I loved how Kristi had hydrangea’s all around the wreath, but I had geranium’s at home, so I used those instead.  Especially because geranium’s remind me of a miniature hydrangea’s!  I also added the Monogram in the middle of the wreath because I felt it personalized the gift for my sister.

First, I laid down a piece of waxed paper and with a sponge brush, I painted my “H” with the color Grape Taffy.  It was a 2 oz bottle of Crafter’s acrylic paint from PatCatan’s.

A Monogram Wreath to Give!

Then, with my grapevine wreath in hand, I followed Kristi’s Hydrangea Wreath instructions, but added my geranium’s instead, with its leaves, to hide the wire on the “H”.  When I tried to attach a ribbon in the middle of the “H”, it just wobbled back and forth and I wanted to have it stabilized.  As you can see in the picture at the beginning, I attached the “H” with green wire by both of the scroll ends.  After adding my wire hook on the back to hang my wreath, I was done.  It was that easy!

This is a great gift to give to anyone that wants to give their door a new look, or someone that’s moving into their first home!



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